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Welcome to Moonlight Design + Stationery!


My name is Shai and I'm the Founder and Owner of this small business. I'm a University student currently working towards obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Communications Management. Through this business, I offer multiple graphic design services for brands, and specialize in providing custom prints such as posters, business cards, .

My goal is to become one of the most recognized and reputable Graphic/Brand Design + Stationery company!

The future goal set for this company is to provide my customers with personalized and unique stationery to benefit their work experience or projects both positively and creatively. Through my business, I want to enforce positive change no matter if it's the products, my design services, or supportive measures. MDS enforces positivity through the message behind the name - "Lighting Your Pathway to Success". Positivity will help to encourage customers to do their best and strive at what they do, to help them get through the hardships and victories of starting a business, to help non-business owners get through their everyday lives knowing that they can do anything possible.


I wanted to provide a creative space for customers to submit their personalized designs for their desired products to their preference allows them to be inspired by their passions, resulting in them creating products that really speak to their brands.

Brand design is a specific type of design project used for identification and representations of one's brand. The elements that I use to create branding designs help reflect the brand's purpose and represent them personally. I am all about helping to build company value and brand identity. This custom service can act like a branding agency to help aid you in creating a specialized logos for your business. By selecting a template or making a special request by filing in the credentials below, you are able to create a logo personalized just the way you'd like! 


Overall, the mission I am working towards achieving is to bring together all businesses - big or small - to one place to make their business dreams come true, and to bring their creativity to life at the time provide them exceptional branding that will help their business stand out amongst the rest.

Lastly, I want to inspire creative youth to pursue careers in creative industries, and aim to fund the CCAF, a Children's Foundation to fund creative initiative and to give financial support to meet their needs. Help to support our next generation fo creators by purchasing a custom Moonlight Design + Stationery button pin! All proceed will be donated, so your support is very much appreciated.

This year, I aim to raise $10,000.00.

You can contact me via email if you have any questions, for briefing, quotes, or if you are interested in working with me! Be sure to follow Moonlight Design + Stationery on Instagram @mdstationery and it's sub-company LovelyNotes @lovelynotes__. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! Subscribe to my mailing list for all updates on new arrivals, new products, new collections, etc, and sign up as a member/client to benefit from exclusive offers!


Thanks for visiting!!